Friday, October 29, 2004


Bin Laden Speaks, the Media Jumps--the Wrong Way

So in the past two days, Osama bin Laden has appeared on Al Jazeera not once but twice, and the running-dog corporatist media has generally opined that his appearance is good for the cause of Mr. Bush on Tuesday, and not Mr. Kerry, because it "reminds the American people" that Middle Eastern terrorists are still very much with us.

This is, to put it mildly, a highly perverse interpretation of this event. On September 11th, 2001, this insane viper masterminded the attack on the World Trade Center towers; and now here we are, three years later, and this selfsame villain is lecturing us from our television sets, still free and very much at large. And this is supposed to benefit BUSH?!? Bush, who has spent more than a hundred and forty billion of our dollars, ostensibly to fight terrorism? Bush, who stood in the rubble and said we'd get bin Laden "whatever it takes"? Bush who has deeply divided our country with his handling of the aftermath of 9/11, and who has repeatedly frightened the nation with his dire warnings, his fear-mongering, his "threat levels"? Bush, who the media tells us, relentlessly, is somehow "better" for our national security than Kerry is? In what way, exactly?

The man who attacked us is still at large. That means Bush has failed at the single most basic aspect of our revenge: bringing this bastard to justice. Anyone who believes that it's good for Bush to have bin Laden wagging his finger at us from some rathole hiding place is [expletive deleted], [expletive deleted], and [expletive deleted].

Bin Laden, at this point, is George Bush's shame. Go to .

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