Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Good Question

A question that Alan Ehrenhalt, the executive editor of Governing magazine, would pose to Bush in the last debate:

"As a candidate in 2000, you argued in favor of compassionate conservatism and a restoration of decency and moderation to the national government. Those of us who voted for you took this seriously. But your personal demeanor as president has been belligerent and dismissive of virtually anyone who opposes your policies. You state flatly that anyone who is not with you is against you, and at least imply that disagreement is equivalent to disloyalty. You refuse to admit making mistakes, even when it is obvious that you made them. You all but invite attacks on the country with "bring it on" taunting that makes you sound more like a gang leader than a responsible head of state. What happened to your promise of compassion? Have you concluded that moderation and decency are not useful qualities in a president?"

Good question. If George H. W. Bush can be faulted for one blatant campaign promise that he reneged on--you remember, "Read my lips"--we should remember that George W. Bush posed as a moderate Republican the first time around. He has proven to be anything but.

I still have relatives who say to me, "I'm voting for Bush because I'm a conservative Republican." Like there's a conservative Republican in this race? Where?

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