Saturday, November 06, 2004


Democrats, Turn Left

I admit that it's tempting in the wake of John Kerry and John Edwards' defeat to say that all conservatives are ignorant or stupid. But the fact is, I know they're not, because I know a lot of them.

I still think they're wrong.

And if they're wrong, one thing we Democrats ought to do is stop pandering to them so much. At every opportunity John Kerry tried to be seen strolling along in a camouflage jacket with a broken shotgun draped over his forearm. I don't think there's any sense in a wholesale ban on all guns, and there's nothing to be gained by antagonizing lawful hunters, but the assault gun ban certainly makes sense, and much stricter controls on handguns is just common sense. Kerry did say that the Iraq Debacle is "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time," which it certainly is, but most Democrats I know would have been more inspired by a candidate who was more frankly anti-war. And although everyone in American politics is terrified of Christians, I'd be quite happy with a candidate who was willing to agree with Ben Franklin that too much religion is worse than none at all. Religious tolerance and religious freedom are much higher values to me than monolithic Christianity insinuated into government.

The fact is, I think, that most people on the left are there because they feel it's more moral to be. The worst mistake the Democratic party could make would be to further accomodate to the right. Pale copies never trump bold originals. We are bold originals ourselves.

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