Friday, January 07, 2005


A Thank-You to Senators Boxer and Reid

Remember in Fahrenheit 911, when no senator would object to the certification of the Florida vote? Not this year. On Thursday, Sen. Barbara Boxer joined the objection to voting irregularities in Ohio, and the new Democratic Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada stood with her. This forced the House and Senate to hold two hours of debate on the integrity of voting in our country--hopefully beginning some real reform.

Thousands of people are sending thank you letters to Senators Boxer and Reid. Join me in signing the thank you letter at:

Dear Senator Boxer and Senator Reid:

Thank you for speaking out about the voting problems in the 2004 election in Ohio and across America. I will not forget your political courage. A sound democracy depends on elections that everyone, winners and losers, can agree were held fairly and honestly. America doesn't have that now, and it's got to change. The debate we had after the objection to the Ohio vote certification is just the start. Congress must investigate voting problems and swiftly implement remedies that protect the right to vote and encourage confidence in voting.

It appalls me that we are now so partisan that we cannot even agree on the need for fair elections. America, it seems to me, is like an adolescent--we think our system and our freedoms are immortal and invincible, and we're cocky and arrogant and we take scary risks. We think we cannot fall! This is so wrong. Even the Roman Republic, with far more political unanimity and much stricter safeguards in place, didn't last forever. The idea of the descent of America into tyranny or dictatorship or worse really frightens me. Thank you for your courage.

(The first part is a standard email circulating around the country. The second part is the boilerplate from moveonpac's thank-you note. The third part is my addendum. Jim Holt sent me the email. —MJ)

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