Friday, February 18, 2005


A Woman Who Doesn't Know What 'Irony' Means

You've really got to love this.

If you follow neoconservative hysteria-mongering at all--you know, the stories neocons circulate endlessly amongst themselves to work each other into a lather about the perfidy or foolishness of liberals and Democrats--you've probably heard about Ward Churchill. He's a professor who got disinvited to lecture at a college other than his own after somebody found an old essay he'd written about 9/11. I admit he said some outrageous, intemperate, irresponsible things, although I tend to agree with Ted Rall, who notes that "one suspects the tone of the piece owes much to the revulsion that thoughtful Americans felt for the mindless 'United We Stand' jingoism that stifled attempts at serious analysis of the terrorists' motivations in the immediate aftermath."

Anyway, here's the point. Someone whose business it is not is calling for Churchill's ouster, saying that even with academic tenure he can't expect to say anything he wants to and still keep his job. Know who it is? None other than the liberal-hating She-Hellion Ann Coulter. Who makes millions of dollars by--yep, you know it--saying outrageous, intemperate, irresponsible things. And hasn't lost her job for it yet. I mean, that is her job.

As I say, you just gotta love stuff like this. The woman should have left that one alone. Luckily for those of us who appreciate it, though, she clearly has no comprehension of irony!

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