Sunday, March 06, 2005


Ruination of Nature

March 11th

The Citizens' Voice, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on the Clear Skies Act:

"This week, a Senate committee is preparing to vote on President Bush's Clear Skies Act — an initiative that will overhaul the nation's emission standards. Contrary to its name, Clear Skies is an industry-friendly bill that actually weakens environmental laws already on the books and relaxes controls on toxic power plant emissions. Under current provisions of the 35-year-old Clean Air Act, mercury emissions from power plants must be reduced to five tons per year by 2008. Clear Skies would permit 26 tons of mercury — or five times as much — to be released each year through 2010.

"When the Clear Skies proposal was drafted in 2001 (using language largely written by representatives of the power plant industry), scientists were forbidden by the White House to commission studies or present information that might undermine the proposed changes to mercury emission standards. And last week, two national organizations that went on record in opposition to the Clear Skies Act because it is "far too lenient" were ordered to turn over their financial and tax records to the federal government. If President Bush's initiative becomes law, it would be the first time in the history of the 1970 landmark Clean Air Act that pollution rules were relaxed instead of made more stringent. Congress must not allow our country to move backward on critical environmental issues. The health of our nation's children is too important."

To the above, all I have to add is that in the entire State of Wisconsin, where I live, there is not one single lake that is not polluted by mercury poisoning, such that anglers have to limit the number of fish they catch that they can eat. What is worth this kind of ruination of nature?

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