Thursday, April 14, 2005


Christianity: Not About Religion Any More

I've been asked why I'm being so "anti-Christian" lately. Simple: "Christianity" has been taken over by right-wingers and is being used for political, not religious, purposes.

Taking the long view I should be pleased about this, because, historically, when a religion allies itself with a ruling party or a particular political stance, it's been bad for that religion in the long run. More proximately, of course, I simply think we need to raise our voices against the onset of fascism wherever it comes from.

Have you seen Pat Robertson's TV broadcasts, for example? Although masquerading as a peculiar form of doofus, Disneyfied Christianity, it's really just a pseudo-newscast from a far-right viewpoint. It just frosts me that these people can get away with this crap without paying taxes! If it's political, then it ain't religious, and I say we ought to tax the conniving weasels.

In any event, the gloves are off when it comes to right-wing evangelical "Christians." They're making their bed, let 'em lie in it.

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