Thursday, April 14, 2005


REAL religious leadership!

Ben Cohen, cofounder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, sends some bright if not cheery news today: A coalition of religious leaders from around the country are forming to help end the "war of choice" in Iraq, bring our people home, and put the resources being funneled endlessly to fat-cat defense contractors to better uses.

Based on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's contention that foreign wars "draw money and skills and men like one demonic, destructive sucking tube," and that the money can be better used to improve the situation of our people at home, the new organization, called "Clergy and Laity Concerned About Iraq" is non-denominational and inclusive. They're organizing a national bus tour to try to attract media attention. (As we all know, the media, since it's dominated by liberals, will be all over this like a wet blanket. Right? Don't count on it.)

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