Monday, April 18, 2005


A Skunk in the Enemy's Camp

I just want to go on record hoping that Tom Delay survives in the House as long as possible--sapping the Republican Party's energies, distracting their attention from their agendas, causing turmoil within and without their ranks, and giving the lie to their blowsy pretensions of moral rectitude. It's always nice to see a skunk in the enemy's camp.

Of course, it's not so nice to watch the Fascist machinations of Delay's supporters as they try to insulate him from the consequences of his nefarious misdeeds. The hamstringing of the House Ethics Committe, kicking to the curb any committee leaders that dared criticize him and rewriting House ethics rules specifically to prevent Delay from being punished, are moves we would expect from the old Soviet power structure, not the Congress of the United States. But don't worry. As usual, the American people are not paying attention.

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