Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Soviet-Style Statistics

Funniest statistic of the week, from Harper's Index:

Percentage of Americans who think George W. Bush is a "uniter": 49
Percentage who think he's a "divider": 49

And speaking of Statistics, Reuter's news agency is reporting that, in 2003, the State Department originally underestimated the number of terror attack worldwide by almost half, presumably in order to help provide "proof" that Bush's War on Terror is succeeding. Subsequently, it revised the number to 175, which, it admitted, was a 20-year high.

In 2004, the number of significant terrorist attacks increased from 175 to 650.

In response, the State Department has said that next year, it will not release the statistic for 2005. It might be made public anyway; or, of course, it might not.

For their part, Republicans proposed all sorts of reasons why no conclusions can be drawn from this more than 3.7X increase in terrorism.

Naturally, none of these reasons was "there were more terror attacks."

And so it goes.

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