Friday, May 13, 2005


Flash: More Chickens to be Et

Leading the news tonight is the story about the Pentagon proposing the closing of multiple military bases on U.S. soil. And once again, to continue yesterday's lame metaphor, the chickens who are affected are looking surprised that the foxes want to eat them.

They shouldn't be. The pattern of this government has been very clear for a long time now: anything that benefits the ruling class (the plutocrats, corporations, the rich, etc.) is supported; anything that benefits ordinary Americans is at risk.

This already has been shown to be true even for the military. The Iraq Misadventure can be looked at as a wholesale transfer of wealth from the U.S. Treasury to military suppliers and client corporations; but even in that climate, soldiers and their families have been persistently shorted. Why? Well, they're just ordinary Americans, of course. Money spent on them is being wasted, according to the reasoning of the group in power.

So it is with military bases. The major expense of military bases doesn't go to corporations. It goes to people and communities.

I'm sure some bases have been proposed for cutting for purely policitcal reasons. A base in Mississippi has been targeted so Trent Lott can save it; ditto Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, which will be saved by the Republican white knight who defeated liberal Tom Daschle.

But bases that just support military families and local businesses, bye-bye. Those darn foxes!

Okay, no more foxes-in-charge-of-the-chicken-coop metaphors....

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