Thursday, May 12, 2005


Hey, I Think They're Killing Chickens!

Americans are very peculiar people at the moment. To avoid the appearance of being tolerant of peaceniks, homos, and coloreds, and to confirm some evidently very loosely defined "Christian values," the middle and lower middle class has put foxes in charge of the chicken coop.

These very people are considerably poorer and worse off today than they were in the last years of the Clinton administration.

It's reasonably easy to define a "citizen" by the current government's definition: it's anybody who makes more than about $230,000 per year, and/or has a net worth of $1.2 million or more not including the value of the house they live in. A number of my relatives and friends fall into this very category, so I can't really blame those of them who are Republicans for being that way--even now.

It's also certainly easy to define a "poor person," meaning, a person who is decidedly worse off under the Republicans: it's anybody who makes $65,000 per year or less and/or has a net worth less than $200,000 not including the value of their house.

Those people are getting hammered every which way.

And now, in what is almost a parody of the trend of the times, apparently we're going to start setting precedents whereby large corporations can unilaterally cut or eliminate worker pensions and still stay in business. Oh, happy day for big business! They never liked those pesky pension plans in the first place. Pay money to workers who aren't even working? Where's the efficiency in that?

Meanwhile, many middle-class Americans are thinking, "Hey, I've got a pension plan." They're beginning to get a little worried, evidently.

Which is a little like one chicken turning to another and saying, "Have you seen Henriette? How about Roscoe? I haven't seen them in days, and those foxes have some pretty sly grins on their faces...."

Just what is it going to take for the middle class to start catching on?

It hasn't happened yet. As I say, peculiar. Very peculiar.

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