Thursday, June 30, 2005


Let 'Em Rot

The Republican leadership has finally disclosed a more than $1 billion shortfall in budget support for returning veterans, despite having known about it since April. Scrambling as usual to assign blame somewhere else, they're calling it an accounting error, or something. The fact is, the Republican leadership rubber-stamps every request for money (repeat after Carl Sagan: "billions and billions") for waging war, but can't pinch off the needed dough to take care of maimed veterans once they're back home.

They're also acting like this enormous shortfall in veterans' benefits comes as a shock. Don't be fooled. They have known that the situation existed for months. They were warned repeatedly by Democrats. And not only by Democrats. One person whose business it was to sound the alarm was Congressman Christopher Smith of New Jersey--Republican Rep. Smith, that would be--who was Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee. The response of House leadership? Smith was punished for breaking ranks by having his chairmanship taken away.

Hey, get with the program, Smith, or pay the price. Never mind the facts.

Again: don't be surprised. This is all totally consistent with the entire focus of this Administration and its lapdog Congress, as they have demonstrated again and again and again. They will lavish the corporate military industrial establishment with endless public funds, but they just don't care about average Americans...even young Americans who have given their health and the soundness of their bodies for the rest of their lives at the nation's call.

To say this is shameful is beside the point. They don't care about that, either.

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