Friday, July 22, 2005


Call me a glass half empty gent

My brother, who I love like a...well, like a brother, sent me a piece in response to the one below. It was a detailed explanation of just which law applies to what Rove did and whether he technically broke that law.

I have to admit, stuff like that just makes me crazy. How can anyone--anyone OTHER than an apologist, that is--possibly not be seeing the bigger picture by now?

The bigger picture is so clear: it's that these people are DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

Okay, TECHNICALLY, Bill Clinton did not lie under oath. TECHNICALLY, BIll Clinton did not dodge the draft. TECHNICALLY, Karl Rove may not actually have blatantly broken the law such that a jury of his peers (12 snakes, that would have to be) would have to send him to prison.

Does that really matter? The fact that the "White House source" was retaliating against Joe Wilson was never at issue--until now, when suddenly all the conservative megaphones want to claim that nobody did anything bad and poor little lambie-pie Karl was just being a good chap and his innocent words have been twisted into false intentions by evil, red-horned, pointy-tailed democrats. Give me a fucking break. If anyone does not know Rove's M.O. by now, START PAYING ATTENTION!! The guy is the modern day Boss Tweed, at the very least, if not the modern Machiavellian shadow-prince. He's an evil scheming bastard. Okay, so maybe you don't mind so much if he's YOUR evil scheming bastard...but BE REAL! We all know what he is and how he operates.

The question is, do we want high government officials playing politics with career intelligence agents just for REVENGE? What next, will the Valerie Plame Wilsons of the future disappear in the middle of the night? For God's sake. The point is, THIS ISN'T AMERICAN BEHAVIOR. It's not decent behavior, it's not acceptable behavior. It's banana-republic dictator behavior. It's unworthy of us...of our nation. It's despicable. It sucks.

Here's a bit I read yesterday in a column by a guy named Adam MacKay:

--Call me a glass half empty gent, but when the recent poll came out showing that seventy five percent of Americans thought the White House was not cooperating with the CIA leak investigation, I couldn't help but focus on the twenty five percent who think the White House is co-operating. I'm very curious who these people are, and if that's their idea of co-operation I'd hate to have to play a game of password with them...

Me: Fruit
The 25%: We are not commenting as there is an ongoing investigation.
Me: Red
The 25%: Once again you are trying to get me to answer and we will not do that during an ongoing investigation.
Me: Eden
The 25%: Karl did not say Valerie Plame's name. He said "Wilson's wife."

Man. What exactly do these dirty rotten scoundrels have to do before that last 25% starts waking up? It just boggles the mind. And boggling of this sort is not a good thing.

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