Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The Chimp-in-Chief

Last evening, the Chimp-in-Chief named a plastic-haired conservative legal flunky to the highest bench in the land. John Roberts would be a perfect high-court candidate in the old Soviet Union: he's an ideologue; his first loyalty is to his party and its "ideas." He's against reproductive rights. He's against Affirmative Action. He's pro-business and anti-environment. He's against the Voting Rights Act. And so on.

Of course, this is a victory for people who want to control how other people have children. Those Americans feel very strongly in the sanctity of non-Iraqi life. They feel that it is very wrong to prevent Caucasoids from propagating. You see, there are not enough people on the planet. If we continue to allow white people to choose whether or not they're going to have children, who's going to burn the coal and buy the gasoline--and elect the next chimp?

The Quotidian Meander

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