Friday, July 08, 2005



A British friend wrote to say that she had a headache and is feeling stressed. I don't blame her for being stressed considering the up-and-down events in London the past few days. Even those of us who think Bush is a twit and are against the war in Iraq recall the generous outpouring of support among Britons toward us after 9/11, and you all have been much on our minds over here.

I'm sure some Americans are congratulating themselves for our "War on Terror." Of course, I do hope they track down the bastards who did this, and they can string them up by the neck in the public square for all I care. But if you ask me it's a self-perpetuating situation. We occupy Iraq, which mobilizes more and more muslim extremists; they bomb London, which then strengthens our desire for revenge and our resolve to stay in Iraq. And on and on it goes. And of course most of the dead on both sides are as innocent as kittens, since we're basically making war on each other's civilian populations.


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