Sunday, September 11, 2005


Great News

There's lots of really good news out there if you only know how to look at it. For instance, did you know that the cost of living hasn't gone up since 1997? There's strong evidence of this in the fact that Congress hasn't raised the minimum wage since then.

Ignore all the pay raises Congress has given ITSELF in that time period. That might lead you to a different conclusion, and you'd miss the good news.

More good news: President Bush has rescinded the Davis-Bacon act of 1931, requiring that construction companies pay "prevailing" wages. Why? To help with the reconstruction effort, of course. Construction companies have long been hampered in their selfless efforts by those pesky labor costs, after all. In a similar spirit, this probably means that, real soon now, President Bush will require that companies accepting government contracts for rebuilding suspend their profit-taking, too. Right? Everybody should be approaching this in the same spirit, shouldn't they?

It's real generous of those companies to be paying anything, come to think, since the poor homeless darkies would probably work for cheap wine! This is working out very well for them.

In a similar spirit, the President has also wisely suspended the requirement that rebuilding contractors bid competitively for government contracts. This just shows how trusting our President is. What a nice guy! He knows he can count on the civic responsibility of the construction companies, who will seize this opportunity to submit low bids voluntarily. After all, they're saving on all those labor costs.

Everyone's helping, in this time of national crisis.

It warms the heart.

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