Friday, September 30, 2005


Well, There's Always 2006

In 1994, people got fed up with an overbearing, bloated, incompetent Congress. Voters swept the incumbent Democrats out, and installed young, vital Republican majorities in both Houses.

The result?

Corruption in government is at an all-time high.

Cronyism, quid pro quo, and the "revolving door" between the "aisles" and the "lobbies" in Washington are worse than ever.

Government's even larger.

Government's far more in debt.

The poor and the lower middle class are worse off; personal income growth has stalled; "job devaluation" continues apace; unemployment remains high.

Class divisions in the country are deeper and more bitter than they've been since the 1930s.

Ethics violations in Congress are rampant, with Republican leaders in both Houses either indicted or under investigation.

And that's not even mentioning Vietnam II.

So what to do? In a two party system, there's only one thing to try: sweep the overbearing, bloated, incompetent Republicans out of Congress, and install young, vital Democratic majorities in both houses.

Viva 2006.

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