Thursday, October 06, 2005


It Would Be...Noteworthy

Just a couple of odd items: my local news this morning reported that 370,000 people were thrown out of work by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Last night, NBC news reported that the federal government awarded a no-bid contract to an Alaska firm to build a large number of temporary classrooms for Mississippi. An Alaska firm that has never built temporary classrooms before. (They look more or less like large double-wide trailers.) The government paid $85,000 each. Meanwhile, a local Mississippi contractor who has built temporary classrooms before said he would have done the job for $55,000 each--and if he'd gotten the contract it "most probably" would have created jobs in Mississippi.

NBC also reported that the government is paying $2,500 per residence for a crew to cover up the damaged parts of residential roofs with blue tarps. In many cases, that's approximately what it would cost to reshingle the roofs permanently.

Now, you see? This is the big problem with no-bid contracts. Because I, personally, would cover up the damaged parts of residential roofs with blue tarps for only $2,200 per roof. I would do it all day, and into the night. I would do it for as long as the dollars flowed. I would go blue-tarp crazy. I'd be a blue-tarp fool.

And just think of how much that would save the taxpayers.

And so it goes.

P.S. I could not care less if Condi Rice is lesbian. It has nothing to do with her job or her public role. I have to confess, though, that the prospect of a black, lesbian Republican Presidential nominee has a certain, uh, appeal.

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