Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Response to Poverty: Cut Relief to the Bone

Hundreds of thousands of Katrina survivors are homeless, jobless, without health coverage--added to the millions already poor in America.

The right wing's response? Cut Medicaid, food stamps, housing and other vital services still deeper.

Hard to believe--but this Thursday the House of Representatives is expected to vote on increasing the cuts in vital programs (such as Medicaid, food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), child welfare services, SSI, unemployment insurance, child support, etc.) from $35 billion to $50 billion. Forces in the Senate would also like to cut more. In addition, House right-wing members are calling for across-the-board cuts of all the other programs--including housing, education, public health, nutrition, child care, etc. (True Majority)

Most Americans don't get this. They don't understand that the corporate-fascist imperative is to shower aid and advantages on huge corporations while at the same time reducing or revoking anything that helps individual, everyday citizens.

The emerging world model seems to be, of all countries, China: Near-runaway capitalism coupled to a non-democratic, oppressive, authoritarian social regime. We're not there yet, but America is heading in that direction on rails.


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