Thursday, November 10, 2005


Devolution in Kansas

The QM notes with considerable amusement that magic is now to be taught in Kansas schools. The so-called "Intelligent Design" "theory" (which evolved from Creationism, which evolved from Biblical fundamentalism) has been mandated to be force-fed to Kansas students along with accepted theories of biology. Thus does metaphysics drive its wedge into science, and thus does Kansas demonstrate the pitfalls of public education by fiat.

It seems to me that if an intelligence designed Kansans, they would have the wit to follow the lead of scientists in such matters, instead of capitulating to the wilfull ignorance of non-scientists pining for official reinforcement of supernatural fantasies.

In a perhaps not unrelated development, they are giving away free land in Kansas (click the link), to try to entice people to move there from elsewhere and reverse the declining population. Perhaps if Kansans would resist their impulses to reconstitute medieval world-views, they would do better at that project.

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