Sunday, January 15, 2006


This Blog Closing Down

"The Quotidian Meander" will be coming down in the next couple of weeks. Having started my new photography blog at, I find I really don't have the time or the inclination to keep two blogs going. Since The Online Photographer is by far the more popular, this one has to go.

I just wanted to thank you for coming here. The United States is without question becoming a fascist state, or at least much more of a fascist state than it has traditionally been. America's best hope at the moment is in the Democrats winning the 2006 Congressional elections and taking back Congress; George Bush will then be impeached, and perhaps the neofascist movement will be stopped, or at least slowed down.

As quoted in the New Yor Times this morning, Rahm Emanuel, Democratic representative from Illinois, said, "George Bush won the election. If you don't like it, you better win elections."



Mike Johnston

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